Verification Information for the It’s Your Only Ham Campaign Song Lyrics

Cured for 3 full days and there’s no added water”

Brady Family ham is made to a traditional family recipe, crafted by Ossie and Mary Brady in 1978. The 100% Irish Bord Bia approved pork legs are cured for 3 days in a brine which includes a unique live culture and natural well water from the Bog of Allen, located beside our site in Timahoe, Co. Kildare. This three day curing method allows the ham to slowly mature, giving it a more delicate and distinctive flavour.

”Unlike some others that’s the point”

The ‘Food Information of Prepacked Foods’, published by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI), states:

‘Meat products, meat preparations and fishery products which may give the impression that they are made of a whole piece of meat or fish, but actually consist of different pieces combined together by other ingredients, including food additives and food enzymes, must indicate ‘formed meat’ or ‘formed fish’.’

Brady Family ham products are only ever cut from one single pork joint. The 100% Irish Bord Bia approved pork legs are cured for three days using our traditional method, before being slowly steam cooked and expertly finished by hand. When sliced, this means the individual slices in a pack of Brady Family ham have come from a whole piece of pork, rather than consisting of different pieces of meat combined together, as is the case with some other ham brands on the market.

”Show them how you’re made with moulds and added water”

Brady Family ham is always cut from a single pork joint, however, this is not the case for some other ham products on the market. Many ham products are made from ‘formed’ meat, where different pieces of pork are combined together by other ingredients and moulded into a log, from which uniform slices are cut. The reference to ‘moulds’ is highlighting this point. As detailed above, the FSAI requires ham products that are made in this way to declare it on pack by using the ‘formed’ description.

Brady Family ham is made using 115g raw pork per 100g finished product (ham). At this concentration of meat, there can be no added water in the finished product.

Any cooked meat that contains more than 5% added water in the finished product is required to declare this on pack.

The FSAI ‘Food Information of Prepacked Foods’ document states:

‘For meat products and meat preparations which have the appearance of a cut, joint, slice, portion or carcase of meat, the name of the food must include an indication of the presence of added water if the added water makes up more than 5% of the weight of the finished product.’

This table below illustrates the market share of major ham brands in the ROI market:

Kantar Worldpanel 52 w/e 2nd Dec 2018 Total Branded Ham Market Market Share (Value)% Market Share
Brady Family26%