1. I ham a Brady Family Ham and I ham from Timahoe county Kildare

Brady Family is only produced in Timahoe, County Kildare.


  1. ‘I ham cured for 3 long days in the tra’dish’onal way

Brady Family ham is made to a traditional family recipe, crafted by Ossie and Mary Brady in 1978. The 100% Irish Bord Bia approved pork legs are cured for 3 days in a brine which includes a unique live culture and natural well water from the Bog of Allen, located beside our site in Timahoe, Co. Kildare. This three day curing method allows the ham to slowly mature, giving it a more delicate and distinctive flavour.

Brady Family ham is made to a traditional family recipe, developed by Ossie and Mary Brady in their own family kitchen in 1978. To this day, Brady Family is made using that same traditional recipe.



  1. I ham carved from onereal ham – unlike some others –

Brady Family alongside rivals Denny, Carroll’s and Galtee represents 94% of the total branded ham market. Some of the competitor brands are made using ‘formed’ product. This is a required declaration which is visible on the back of many of the branded competitions packs. ‘Formed’ product means that the product is made from more than one joint, and various joints are formed together to bind the product. Brady Family is only ever carved from one ham joint, unlike some of its branded rivals, and therefore wants to highlight this point. We don’t believe that formed product is ‘real’ ham.



  1. They can ‘come out and face me ham to ham’!

In this line, Brady Family is playfully challenging other hams to show how they are not made to the same high standard as Brady Family (see point 3). This is a play on the phrase ‘face me man to man’ but is made in jest. No specific competitor products are mentioned, the intention is rather to point out that not all hams are made in the same way.


  1. It’s your only ham

‘It’s your only man’ is a well-known colloquial Irish phrase. It doesn’t have a literal translation, but is its usual interpretation is ‘when nothing else will do’. That is the intention of the phrase in the context of this ad; we are proudly stating our view about Brady Family that ‘it’s your only man’.


Source: Kantar Worldpanel 52 w/e 27-Dec-20 – Total Branded Ham Market Value Sales