How we make our ham

What makes Brady Family Ham so special is that it is Real Irish Ham. That means it’s made from one single pork joint, slow cooked to perfection in the traditional way, with no added water.

First, it is slow cured in natural well water for at least 3 days, on the bone. This is what gives our hams their distinctive flavour.

It is then slow cooked in a steam oven, which allows the ham to mature and develop its distinctive flavour.

Finally, the rind and fat (which give the ham its flavour and succulence during cooking) are removed. The ham is then coated by hand with breadcrumbs or else glazed before being oven baked to release the flavours of the ham.

Only the finest

By insisting on the best curing, crafting and cooking processes we guarantee the finest quality product. As our product is made from whole pork legs, and in a traditional way, it retains its natural colour and texture variation. That’s the sign of real ham, which we’re proud to share – from our family to yours.

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